Brad’s Raw Chips

Take a ride with me to Pipersville, PA where we will encounter a world of pure innovation and where snacking has reached new levels. The Brad’s Raw Foods idea surfaced in 2006 when Brad himself took a hold of his lifestyle and adopted a raw foods diet. The story of how he dedicated his life to living healthier and eating delicious, raw foods is so inspirational and rings true with many people today. I began noticing the Brad’s Raw Foods label in Whole Foods and many health food markets, so I decided it was time to taste the products.

I was privileged enough to taste the spicy kale raw chips, the cheddar raw chips and the “Naked” leafy kale. Crispy, crunchy, and full of flavor.

Each of the products I sampled were completely unique and absolutely addictive. Honestly, I finished the whole container of “Naked” leafy kale in one day. They are made only from fresh, organic, non-GMO produce and completely vegan, gluten-free, and even Kosher. When I tasted the chips and leafy kale, I immediately read the ingredients and was completely shocked and amazed how they accomplished such a range of flavor using a basic ingredient profile.

After being so intrigued and fascinated with the company, the products and the overall mission of Brad’s, I hosted a tasting with my family and friends and had the opportunity to listen to their feedback. I heard nothing but great comments about how delicious the chips were and how they couldn’t believe they weren’t baked, processed or made with real cheese. Of course I saved some chips for myself and was able to eat them whenever I was hungry and needed a nutritious, raw and flavor-packed snack to hold me over.

Although the chips and snack foods are delicious, Brad’s goes a step further with promoting healthier lifestyles through health coaching seminars and meal planning advice from Brad himself. There’s a ton of information about coaching and community outreach on the website:

I highly, highly, HIGHLY suggest purchasing a bag or two (or three) of Brad’s Raw Foods products, which include: Brad’s Raw Chips & Crackers, Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale, and Brad’s Raw 4 Paws (lucky dogs!!). Keep a look out for Brad’s Raw Onion Rings as they will also be launching soon.

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