Adobe Cafe

A few friends and I wanted to get dinner around the Manayunk and Roxborough area near Philadelphia, so one of my friends chose Adobe Cafe. I didn’t know what to expect and when we parked on the tiny street near the restaurant, we thought it would be this small restaurant with a few options for us. Lo and behold, we walked through the front door and a whole Adobe world opened up. The Southwestern, hippie, Mexican theme was incredible and the ambiance definitely set the mood for the type of food visitors were about to feast on.

We started our dinner with delicious and fruity frozen margaritas and followed them with some great appetizers. My sister and I ordered the vegan buffalo hot wings and for the table guac and chips :) . I couldn’t believe I was going to eat hot wings! I was so scared as to how they would taste and because I hadn’t had a hot wing in basically SEVEN years, I didn’t want to be disappointed. They even served it with all of the hot wing fixings! Well, when I bit into the seitan hot wing, my taste buds went nuts and I even got to lick my fingers after!! The buffalo sauce was incredibly tasty and could beat out any regular chicken hot wing. The texture was a bit chewier than regular hot wings obviously, but it was such a meaty appetizer and I was in hot wing heaven! I’ve always heard that restaurants served these hot wings, but I’ve never tried them because I was skeptical of how they would match the real thing, especially to a girl who used to sit in front of a bucket of hot wings and have hot wing eating contests with her brother and dad. :) I was most certainly impressed.

But that was just an appetizer, for dinner I ordered two vegan seitan enchiladas that came with fresh black beans and really great Mexican rice. I was having trouble decide among all of the veg/ vegan choices they offered! The food wasn’t sloppy and wasn’t falling apart. It was actually hearty and beautifully presented not to mention it tasted pretty decent. Out of all of the Mexican places I’ve eaten at, I’d say Adobe Cafe served some of the most put together, tasty, authentic and creative dishes for its customers. Though I’m not normally a big seitan fan, I was this time around and it left me satisfied- maybe a little too satisfied! I wonder what I’ll order next time…

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