• Vranch Time: A Solution to Your Dressing Needs

    April 4, 2014

    Ever sit down to eat a delicious salad, but find you are missing one of the main ingredients: a good ranch dressing? Well, folks, there is a hot item on the market now that will satisfy your dressing needs. Believe me, you’ll want to get your hands on a bottle of this after just one taste…

    We Vegans is a small vegan food manufacturer operating out of a commercial kitchen in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. It’s owned and operated by a husband and wife team and was started from their tiny apartment in December 2012.

    “We became vegans about three years ago and desperately needed a solution for the loss of the ultimate salad dressing, ranch, ” says owner Liz Schindler. “After much head scratching we whipped together a suitable vegan replacement that we could call our own “Vranch.”"

    After some time, their love of spicy food inspired them to add chipotle peppers to their recipe and create the Chiptole Vranch dressing as well. The Original Vranch is a fresh, zesty, herb and lemon infused vegan ranch dressing, while the Chipotle Vranch is a creamy, smoky, spicy chipotle vegan ranch dressing good on almost everything!

    I met owners Oren and Liz Schindler at the NYC’s Vegetarian Food Festival this year and completely fell in love with “Vranch” and their company We Vegans. They are passionate vegans who hope to bring smiles to people looking for a fun, exciting and delicious new vegan ranch dressing. I know I haven’t eaten ranch dressing in 10 years, so the moment I tasted it, I fell in love and it brought me back to days of dipping carrot and celery sticks in ranch dressing or pouring a whole bottle of ranch on my salad…hey, that was a long time ago! But the rich, creamy consistency of it, as well as it’s unforgettable flavor will steal your taste buds and have you craving more.

    I highly recommend seeking out “Vranch” products and keeping an eye out for it in stores and food festivals everywhere!

    For more information please visit their website: https://squareup.com/market/we-vegans  Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/WeVegans or follow them on Twitter to see where they will be selling next: https://twitter.com/WeVegans

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